HP Envy 5014 Scanning setup

HP Envy 5014 printer is an All-in-one printer setup, where it affords enormous connecting features with easy setup procedures. Utilize the common-features by downloading the desired software on the compatible device. It enhances the printer standards by equally concentrating on the scanning features. So, establish the HP Envy 5014 Scanning setup using the given instructions and headings.


  • Always install the recommended printer essential software to the compatible system.
  • Make a stable connection to the Printer and Compatible system.
  • If you are connected with Wi-Fi Scanner type, try to connect the printer and compatible system to the same network.

HP Envy 5014 Scanning setup

  • Unbox the HP Envy 5014 printer and connect with power cord.
  • Next, connect the USB cable between printer and computer and complete the USB setup.
  • For complete HP Envy 5014 USB Setup process check the given link here.
  • Before proceeding with the scanning setup, download the updated driver software using the HP Official page – 123.hp.com/setup 5014.
  • Complete the driver installation process using the on-screen instructions.
  • First, try to enable the scanning features using the computer settings.
  • For Windows: Tap the Scan section and choose the Manage Scan to computer> Enable.
  • For OS X: Follow HP Utility> Scan Settings> Scan to computer> Enable. Then, place the original document to be scanned on the Scanner bed by Print-side up.
  •  Use the hp envy 5014 printer software and select the Scan a Document or Photo option.
  • Further, choose the Type of Scan and tap the Scan.
  • Choose the file format to save the scanned file on the computer.
  • Utilize the other scanning options like Scan to email, Scan using web scan, Scan using editable text, and more.

HP Envy 5014 Scan to Email

  • First, enable the Scan to email app using the Web-services on the hp envy 5014 printer.
  • Place your original document or image to be scanned on the scanner bed by the print-side facing downward.
  • Then, choose the Scan to email app using the Home screen settings.
  • Choose the account to be used using the HP Envy 5014 printer control panel and continue. If required enter the PIN.
  • Prefer the scan document type and check with the recipient using the email account page.
  • If needed, change the recipients using the Modify recipients option.
  • Further, confirm and verify the email address. Then, touch the Scan to email once again.
  • Touch the ok option, once the scanning is done. Enable the Show Viewer After Scan option to check the Preview.

Scan multiple documents as a Single PDF:

  • Ensure, whether the Scanner bed is clean and feed the document to be scanned.
  • Run the HP Scan software and choose the Scan a document or photo option.
  • To save the Scanned document, select the PDF or Scan shortcut.
  • Fix the PDF as saving format and save by entering the file name.

Need Help on HP Envy 5014 Printers?

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HP Envy 5014 Troubleshooting-Scan failure

If you notice the warning message regarding the Scanning failure on the printer display, it may be due to some technical Hardware or configuration problem. Relax and use the given troubleshoot to fix the HP Envy 5014 scan error.

Reset your Devices:

  • Keep the envy 5014 printer active and unplug the power cables. Later, try to reconnect the printer appropriately.
  • Switch on the printer using the power button and test a print. If not accessible, try out an alternative socket connection and check the printer function.
  • Yet the Scanning error displays, proceed the given steps below on HP Envy 5014 printer.

HP Print and Scan Doctor:

  • Browse using the HP official page – 123.hp.com/Envy5014 and select the HP Print and Scan Doctor software to install. Then, add the printer device to it.
  • Now, open the HP Print and Scan Doctor and tap Next to analyze and fix the Scanning error.
  • Select the Fix Scanning option. Now, start the HP Envy 5014 printing process. Still, you are unable to print, move further.

Scanner Bar:

  • Virtually look at the Scanner bed and remove visible obstructions.
  • Operate the scan and copy button to check the Scan function. If the Scanner seems inactive without stable light, provide the 123 HP Envy 5014 printer for the Service-Center.
  • If it shows active, still unable to print. Just contact our Technical team to assist you further.